Meet Christi TK

Consultant at Froggmen Consulting

Hi! I’m Christi TK, an entrepreneur with a passion for problem-solving and a background in international management. Following my Master’s at EADA Business School, I delved into the startup world and beyond as a consultant at a 3D Incubator.
My consulting journey was diverse, involving collaboration with not only startups but also established businesses across various industries—from commodities to cutting-edge AI. This multifaceted experience honed my problem-solving skills and deepened my understanding of challenges faced by businesses of all sizes.
This wealth of professional experiences, collaborating with seasoned consultants and multinational businesses, laid the foundation for my entrepreneurial journey. Inspired by the desire to make a lasting impact, I founded Froggmen & AR Peach. Froggmen is a venture dedicated to assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in validating their product offerings by leveraging our expertise in customer discovery, and AR Peach harnesses the power of augmented reality to create engaging and interactive experiences, making the world more immersive.
As I continue on this entrepreneurial journey, I am excited about the opportunities to contribute to the growth and success of businesses across diverse domains. I look forward to the exciting chapters ahead and the chance to create positive change in the entrepreneurial landscape.